Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How many people can you teach tatting to at once?

I managed 10…..sort of.

Last week ended with a delightful day. I spent Friday afternoon presenting a hands-on program about tatting to a local Craft Guild. Now, they are called Carmel Craft Guild, but they aren’t like the “crafters” I’d gotten to know working with the Girl Scout troop. Most of the members are spinners or weavers. Most knit and/or crochet or even tat. Quite a few quilt, embroider, needlepoint or sew. What they create with fiber of all kinds is incredible. They are a Guild in the sense that they meet once a month or so. There are study groups that meet weekly or more informally. They sponsor and organize workshops and demonstrations. They are a fun group!

So, how do you teach a group lesson?
Well, start with an open invitation. Talk about tatting. Hand out some simple supplies of thread and a chopstick to teach the knot. The group will thin out a bit, but those left usually get excited and take off with a loaned tatting needle or tatting shuttle. I like to celebrate when someone gets the flip with a noisemaker. The noise usually scares off 1 or 2, and attracts 1 or 2 more.
I’ll be starting a tatting study group soon. It’s going to be a blast! Some knotty fun!!

In the meantime, I’ll be working on Jane’s TIAS. What will it be???????

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  1. Hope your tatting passion & expertise spreads like wildfire among your students :-)