Tuesday, September 6, 2016

When an idea won't go away

Several years ago, I saw an idea for color use in tatted motifs.  The idea has really stuck in my mind. Just about every time I see windows where I practice. I have a collection of sketches. I have the thread. I finally started work on the idea. It didn’t go well. I needed to better understand stitch count and other design issues. So, over the (ahem) 6 years since this idea really started to gel, I’ve been taking a stab at it.

I’ve perused monster doily patterns hoping to learn about design parameters that work. I’ve photographed (poorly) many stained glass windows. I’ve studied color use in needlework. I’m getting closer, but still not very far.
Window Decoration II designed by Jan Stawasz

In an attempt to kick start the process, I loaded shuttles and worked a Window Decoration pattern from Jan Stawasz book Tatting Theory andPatterns. I feel I did justice to the pattern. Yet again, the black thread was thinner than the colors. That caused a bit of cupping and such. Normally, I wouldn’t like that in tatting, but for stained glass, I like that the black appears so different.

I must leave this idea now. It will be entered into my list of 25 Motifs for the challenge. Now it's time to focus on upcoming deadlines. 


  1. Lovely motif, I hope it's a fruitful step to producing your own patterns!

    1. The ideas are still like the small fruit just beginning to grow. Too bad time doesn't automatically tat them to fruition!

  2. Thought I recognised the pattern, but it looks so different in these colours ! I love what you've done - stained glass windows effects are always so appealing . Looking forward to more.

  3. tu fai il chiacchierino con la musica, io con la matematica ciao splendido sito io sono Italy

  4. I'm looking forward to more of this idea too!