Thursday, September 8, 2016

Monterrey County Fair 2016

Well, the Fair was a resounding success for me this year. 

I entered 3 items in different divisions and classes. I won 3 ribbons: 
a 2nd place for the Double weave sample

a 1st place for the Frauberger triangle

and Best of Show for the heart basket. Who knew? 

In my opinion, almost all of the pieces I saw in each area were very well made. The judging must have been quite difficult! I did not consult the guidelines I’ve seen for judges, I tried to just do the best I could and be creative. Who knew? Oh, and here's the other side of the square: 

I was asked if there was enough interest for a tatting Division next year. I think so. The Study Group continues to grow. I need to do more networking to keep building on that success. You see, tatters usually come from the ranks of Embroidery and Lace artists. There is an Embroidery Guild here. I need to connect with them to do things properly.

Speaking of Study Groups, the Organ Study Group is doing well. I continue to open the studio from 11 AM to 2 PM on Wednesdays and there are people coming over to explore the organ and organ music. Again, more networking is needed. I have my work cut out for me there!

Lots to think about, lots to do, and lots to create!


  1. Huge haul, Mel !!! Congratulations :-)))))
    Love your creative double sided edging to go with the double weave square.
    Keep thinking, doing & creating,... and inspiring us :-)

  2. If you look closely at that edging, I muffed how many repeats for one layer. Then, I followed the improvisation rule: Repeat the mistake and people will think it's supposed to be that way!

  3. Congratulations!! That's very well done. Good luck with getting a tatting section next year

    1. The Adventure continues. I've discovered a chapter of the Embroidery Guild here. More people to meet and tat with!

  4. Congratulations on your winnings!! :) You did a wonderful job on all your pieces!!! :)