Thursday, September 29, 2016

See what can happen when you're distracted?

Yes, I got distracted again. I decided to tat the second motif we discussed Monday inclass

I wanted to see if I liked it in 2 colors. I think I do. The next time I’ll make sure to have enough thread I won’t need to SLT to finish out the last chain. ;)
Then, I wanted to see how it would look in size 80:

The folks who come by for the Tatting Tuesday Study Group favor working with tiny thread. Mostly in size 80. I can’t say I gravitate towards it now, but they have pushed me to giving it a fair trial. Ever since I worked on the SaintSaens doily, I haven’t really enjoyed size 80. At the time I just thought it was because there are so many cool embroidery/quilting threads out there and what I had in my stash in size 80 looked so boring. Anyway, it’s closer to the size I like for earrings, but a bit too round for my tastes. Three more shuttles are empty now. I’ll have fun choosing what thread to use for the square motif.

Update on the fire is available on CalFire website. It sounds like most of the homes are escaping the inferno. It’s still a threat as the winds will be picking up today and could blow it out of control. Perhaps that will discourage the crews working with the jack hammer in the street. Either that or they will finish demolition. The walls are thick enough the sound isn’t excruciating, but the windows let enough in. No tatting on the front porch until the dust settles either. Maybe I’ll just have to walk down to the beach!

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