Thursday, September 15, 2016


Lots is up in my life. No, I'm not moving again. And I'm making things up as I go. What I've been up about is all I've been able to do with what is right in front of me: create gifts with leftover yarn and thrift store buys, watch an organ going up (pipes lifted up to the pipe chamber), sun rising, etc.

I’ve decided I’m on an “upcycle” kick. It started several years ago. I was given some yarn and challenged to tat a shawl. Several months later, I finished the project. It was a success in some respects, and I’m glad I learned how, but I probably will never repeat the project!
It was successful enough that I have been gifted boxes and boxes of yarn and such. In those boxes have been real treasures. I’ve been able to pass on much material for others to use. I’ve made gifts for others from all the wonderful supplies. At one point, I had about 10 boxes of cast off stuff. Now, I’m down to 6….or 7…..or……
My most recent project has been pin loom weaving with the bits and pieces in those boxes. I’ve 3 boxes of yarn/thread to choose from. I’m having fun with it. Currently I’m trying out tapestry techniques. It’s nice and portable, I can set it down at any point in time, and I’m using up the “trash” stuff learning! If it’s photogenic enough I’ll share a picture here.

Where am I working on it you ask? While watching the organ being assembled! It’s great fun!!!! Pictures of that will be filtering in. Here’s the console minus the pedal board:
Off to find more yarn to play with!

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