Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Another Monday

Monday this week was a “Monday” to the max. Several bright spots in the day:
Dainty Tatted Trim by Anna J Johnson

OnLine Tatting class started the 18th season of discussions and exploration of lace in thread. This is one of the patterns we discussed. I counted it for another motif for the 25 motif challenge.

Nothing more broke at the house. (When you live in an older home, no news is good news!)

So, what made it the proverbial Monday? Well, another fire broke out. Not near me, but near the area where friends live. The smoke will likely get blown into the valley, so it’ll not be a fun time for those who work in the South Bay.

The motif I worked on from the class was difficult to finish. Mostly because of the color choice. I was trying to use up thread and use 4 colors as that was the challenge. Yuck! The variegated was disappointing. The brown was rather dull. I do intend on incorporating the design into the bell cover idea. Just use better color choice I think!

It will be hot again today. We broke a heat record for our area yesterday. The upstairs got a bit warm, but the downstairs is still cool.

On to the next motif. I’m picking a square motif next. Edgings are fun, but I’m looking for something to turn into an earring. mmmmmmmmm


  1. I do like your experiment ! Some work out the first time, others need more time :-) But each gives us something to learn.
    Couldn't see it in the small pic on the HW site; here I can see the brown, & yellow!