Monday, January 30, 2012

Hair Bun Holder is finished! Whew!!

I finally have finished a rather involved project. It all started last summer.

I got the idea to make a hair bun holder for myself. I decided to base it on a doily pattern attributed to Anne Orr. I first ran into this pattern published in Tatting Doilies & Edgings edited by Rita Weiss for Dover Needlework Series. It’s listed as measuring 8-1/2 inches worked in size 50 thread. It looked all too complicated for me to attempt. After the OnLine class studied it last June, I was more intrigued by the pattern. Here’s what Gina came up with for us:

After we all signed out of the classroom and went about our summer, I kept coming back to the idea of using this pattern. Then I wandered into a quilt shop recommended to me for colorful tatting thread. They had a glorious collection of thread in all kinds of yummy colors. Now, I’ve not had great success working with tiny thread before this point. But, I couldn’t resist the colors! I really couldn’t decide which one to use…..


So I asked on Intatters for ideas. What a great group of people! They had several ideas that I really liked. The question remained: how to execute these ideas? This is what I decided on:
top of hair bun holder in teaberries

Based on how I worked a  different beaded hair bun holder, I decided to make the back simple mignonette with a final row around an elastic hair tie.
back of hair bun holder

I can’t wait to try it on!


  1. I think I remember coming across this hair bun holder pic on InTatters & your tatting over the elastic is what caught my imagination ! I have finally started on mine, using doubled Spinning Wheel pattern. Now I know who to turn to in case of problems :-)

    1. Covering the elastic was easy. Replacing the broken elastic will be tricky. I think I'll have to re-purpose the crochet sample I found in the thrift store. Of course, it might help repair it if I knew crochet techniques as well as I knew tatting. Then again, there are just so many hours in a day!