Monday, May 7, 2012

Beanile FL Heart earring

I finally have a sample finished.
FL Heart by Nina Libin
worked in DMC metallic thread
and size 15 beads.
I conquered a new technique for this. I’ve wanted to learn how to work with this thread and to use beads in this manner. Nina Libin calls her style Beanile Lace. The hardest part for me was getting the beads onto the thread. I fell in love with the color in the bead shop and wanted to use the recommended thread, a 3 ply metallic by DMC. Ugh. Hours and hours to string 89 beads on the shuttle thread and 41 beads on the ball thread. But, the result is quite nice. I think I will set this aside for a day. A fresh day will bring more realistic ideas of what to try next.

A new day did help. Here is my try at the Hector I pattern:
Earrings for Hector 1
by Nina Libin
I quite like this work. The possibilities are jumping out at me all over. More later.

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