Thursday, May 10, 2012

Earring around bead cap pattern

So, quite a while ago, I was standing in my favorite bead shop, Natural Expressions, browsing at the beads seeing if anything struck my fancy. I wandered over to a set of bins with findings and connectors and such. And these struck me. Full in the face!

It took about 6 months of thinking and playing, but I like what I came up with for a simple earring.

The pattern for this is now on my new pattern pages. See the tab above.

I’ve already come up with several variations, but they’re not quite ready for prime time.


  1. These are absolutely amazing! Such delicate perfection! I have a question for you, what thread did you use?

  2. Good question.....I had to dive into my stash to puzzle it out. The yellow is size 80 DMC Tatting cotton. The colors in the chains is Mettler size 50 quilting thread in Preppy Bright. I don't remember if I doubled the quilting thread for that pair. If you care to try the pattern, you can substitute a tatted ring for the finding. (I have no clue what the stitch count would be!) For the version I sent you, see my pattern page that links to a PDF. Enjoy!!