Wednesday, May 2, 2012

projects, projects, projects........

I’ve been busy….really!!

I named this business venture Picots n Keys because I saw how tatting is geometric and I love seeing patterns in music. One of my classes in college looked at Bach’s 2 part Inventions drawing parallels between the structure of the music and Bach’s philosophy. Now before you all fall asleep, which several students did regularly, let me say I won’t be repeating the material. Ok, maybe a bit here and there, but only as often as I share patterns. I’ve come up with several pattern ideas based on music already, but alas, my skills are not yet up to creating a viable pattern for others to follow. But, I’m working on that!

My efforts are focused with a great group of tatters led by Sue in the On LineTatting Class Chatzy room. Sue is leading us through the basics of design in art while Gina is helping us all learn how to beat Inkscape into submission to create diagrams of our ideas. The discussions are fun, stimulating, and always lead to very creative sessions with my shuttles. I have come up with ideas. Really….I just haven’t carved out the time to realize them into thread.

So, what have I been up to??? teaching at Jo-Ann, writing a newsletter article or two, making exchange gifts and birthday gifts, working on my TAT Master binder. Oh, and cleaning house, gardening, reading good books, celebrating birthdays. (links to all of these projects as they will be up as they come available.)So, I’m off to get the chores done and do some tatting before teaching this evening. Cheerio!

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