Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A tatter's vote

This is nothing political. Just your tatting opinion desired.

I have a tin with shuttles and thread that goes with me to demonstrations. In it live a few shuttles I’m not fond of, but are readily available or are examples of what tatters typically used a generation ago. I also toss in shuttles with just a bit left on them; enough for a butterfly or ring or 2.

After my last foray using the tin, I decided that I really had to empty one shuttle. The thread is quite fine, I assumed size 80. The shuttle is larger, so I thought it would work nicely for beads. I decided that I should use up the thread trying out the Hen N Chicks pattern. The one in the last wasn't the greatest experience!

I should have known better than to use tiny thread for a technique I’ve not tatted before. Not only that, the thread turned out not to be size 80 cotton. It’s more of a rayon size 100. Split rings are tricky in small thread, but with slippery rayon?????

What was I thinking???? Oh yeah, right, I wasn't thinking!

But, I persevered! I had that 25th motif in sight and I wasn’t going to back down! That’s the good news. Now I have a choice: use the rest of the thread for something else, or just take it off the shuttle and move on? What’s your vote?


  1. I vote you take it off the shuttle and put it away until the right project comes along. This particular tin sounds like its for demonstrations and quick projects and experiments while you are on the go. Happy tatting!

  2. Take it off and move on, otherwise you become paralysed when you don't use it and can't use the shuttle for a new project until you do.

  3. The shuttle is larger than my favorite shuttle. I seem to get paralyzed by the size! I thought I would like the shuttle as it's smooth and the edges are quite rounded. But, the post is not big, so not much thread fits on. Such a quandary! How to use a shuttle!!