Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Let's curl those rings!

Sometimes it takes a few repetitions to get through my brain. Tatting has helped me learn how to “practice” away from the keyboard. I’m getting better at learning how to play from studying the score. I still need the kinesthetic and aural process. But, I’m learning smarter. I think…..unless that’s just my ego talkin’!

This week I’m learning to curl my tatted rings. I am deeply grateful to Ninetta and Muskaan for all their talent, generosity, and friendship. They live across the world, so shouting my praise for them is limited to my digital communications. For now at least.

I won’t amuse you with pictures of my first few attempts. I finally did get one earring motif done.
Jewelry Medallion by Muskaan
I always try out new techniques with larger, white thread or leftover bits in my “demo box” and on shuttles. So, a picture of this sample isn’t that pleasing to look at. But, I feel it’s an accomplishment. It's difficult to see in the white thread. I encourage you to check out the pattern: Perhaps my glob of white will give courage to other tatters to try out the technique.

I see this technique useful in my musical tatting. I think it will represent chordal structure and harmonies quite nicely. I’m off to try another pattern or another version of this one. With my performance and meeting schedule, that may not appear here for many days or weeks. 


  1. Great try!!! :)
    I tried curled rings and had lots of needed practice before getting it! :)

    1. Practise does help. I'm currently working my way through the motif using quilting thread (color: piano keys) with wood, clear and crystal beads. So far so good!

  2. I should follow your tip about larger thread . I use 20 for learning, but for small curled rings it felt a bit small ;-)

    I like how neatly and evenly you have curled the rings ! Great job, Mel & thanks for trying it out

    1. I use size 20 also. For this I really should have used a 6 ply like Lizbeth. I would have learned faster I think.