Thursday, April 14, 2016


Whenever I tat a larger project, I end up with several smaller projects along the way. I’ve been tatting a geometric pattern in a variegated thread. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how consistent my stitches have been. The color change is occurring in pretty much the same point in the pattern as I work around the edge. You see, I so fail at knit and crochet because my tension is so erratic. A wise knitting teacher offered suggestions for how to develop a consistent physical motion. I’ve decided that unless I have an aural crutch of music running through my head, my body doesn’t repeat itself. But, with this project, I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

corners in herbal garden thread

These are the little corner motifs of the pattern. As the edge is worked, these will be joined to and worked into the overall pattern. I rather like the shape of these corners. I’m thinking of tatting another set and turning these into earrings. Unfortunately, the colors do nothing for me for clothes/jewelry, so I’ll probably change my mind or use different colors.


  1. Love these corners & yes, I thought they were earrings too :-) What next - waiting eagerly!

  2. I'm plodding away on the pattern. I can only work on it in strong daylight and when I'm not mentally tired and distracted. Hopefully it will be ready in August for the Fair.