Thursday, February 16, 2012

To teach

Ok….I have my cup of coffee. I’ll wake up as I post this. I also have a big grin on my face!

This is out of sync with many blogs in tatland. This week has been a dark week for many tatters around the world. Gina, tatting goddess, passed away. There has been a call for tributes to her on blogs and websites. I must sort through my patterns and samples and pick a story to post. I am too new on the internet tatting scene to have met Gina, but I quickly came to respect and now honor her memory. You will be missed. Enjoy your tatting time with the angels.

Now, back to my grin. I taught my Intro to Tatting class last night. It was so much fun. As I was setting up, there appeared a gentleman who gently heckled me about making a living as a tatter. I always think such behavior is strange considering I’m a complete stranger, but have had the experience many times. Sigh. I always remind myself that they must lead rather boring, dull lives.

The teaching experience was wonderful! It’s always fun to teach students that are eager, engaged, and succeed in getting the flip almost immediately. The first ring is always the most fun! The rest of the class time was spent practicing and looking into different threads and patterns. I can hardly wait for the next class.

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