Friday, February 24, 2012

Bookmark donations

This is a good time to explain my fascination with bookmarks.

I sit in the second row of Sopranos in the choir. They are a very creative and fun group. Like me, several of the ladies find it hard just to sit. So, they needlepoint and knit and crochet during breaks in the singing. Better than and less disruptive than talking during those moments when the director isn’t asking for music. Like many folks who knit and crochet, they have begun to make prayer shawls for use in caring for cancer patients, those in grieving, and others in need of a warm wrap. They invited me to try….so I agreed. I know the basics of knitting and crochet work. My daughter knits very well. My attempts are…..well, let’s just say…..amusing! But, I know such volunteerism is badly needed and valued by many. So, what’s a tatter to do?

The answer came from a good friend who works as a volunteer coordinator at a local hospital. She has a gorgeous voice and loves singing. So, we felt a strong bond. I’m not much for being around hospitals…been there, done that. But, she really cooed over the tatting I was working on between Christmas services one year. She came back several weeks later with a proposal: tat bookmarks for those she works with at the hospital who need a bit of a pick me up; sort of a warm something for those who care for others.  Thus, my bookmark donations began. They’re fun for me, she uses them often, and the stories she has related are just as heartwarming and wonderful as those that come from those shawls the ladies knit and crochet.

So, that’s my bookmark donations.

Now, my challenge to you: what tatting can you donate?

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