Saturday, February 25, 2012

progress made during a busy week

I think I’ve settled on how I would recommend working through the bookmark version of the oval Liebert design. I plan to write it all up similar to how I did the Hair Bun holder so that I can remember what I did later. And you thought it was so others could tat it!! I hope to make time to finish this over the next week.
Liebert ovals bookmark in progress.
This is the trickiest part of the pattern.
I settled on using a split ring with a lock join
or for the more ambitious, a Lark's Head Picot Join 
But, I’ve promised a friend I would look at the organ in his home and figure out, with the help of another friend, if it’s dead for good; or if it can be repaired. And I’ve agreed to substitute again on Sunday, so I’ll be preparing and practicing extra for that. And so my life goes full of all kinds of activity, but not much accomplished <sheepish grin>.

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