Thursday, February 23, 2012

Progress on the bookmark

I’m still slogging through the adaptation of the Emmy Liebert antique pattern. Emmy Liebert project I’ve found quite a bit to consider in my directions and diagram. Working the sample of one oval wasn’t a big deal. It actually turned out very nice.
sample of oval from Emmy Liebert antique pattern
 It was the idea to climb out to the next oval that presented the challenge I’ve yet to figure out. Each oval needs to be worked kinda like a split ring: one side of the center line, then the other. I can see nods of agreement from those who have designed bookmarks in the past. Well, if you have 4 rings joining at the center line, you will end up with 2 worked as split rings. I worked merrily away until I realized that one of the split rings would be joining on both sides. Ugh! So, I began to figure out whether that would even work. Here’s my progress so far. 
progress on ovals bookmark
 I think I can say that I’ve mastered the Lark’s Head Picot Join. I think……. I’m still not sure this is the best way to execute this design idea. More on all this later.

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