Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gina Brummet Tatted False Plait

Yesterday was a red banner day for me.

I finished several long term projects around the house, to include a tatting project. I received word that the tatting classes I am teaching at a Jo-ann store are being expanded. I mastered a pattern I’m excited to use in class, adapt to other uses, and generally am thrilled about. [drum roll please] Gina Brummet’s Tatted False Plait .
Gina Brummet Tatted False Plait braid
I even dreamed up how to end the plait while securing the ends well. I used the SSSR (single shuttle split ring) technique. I first learned this while tatting Anne’s Ringtrim . Now that I’ve done the pattern once, I’m sure the next plait will be neater and a better example of creative tatting!

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