Friday, February 3, 2012

TIAS Day 9

Did I miss yesterday? Well, you'll see why in a bit....I was working rather diligently.

The sky had just enough fog in it to catch the sun and turn brilliant red this morning. My favorite kind of sky at sunrise. It represents what I like in life: just enough troubles to make it interesting.

Well, this is why I missed yesterday. I’ve finished diagramming the Hair Bun Holder. Before you ask to see it, I must tell you: I started with rather small objects as I wanted to make sure I had enough room on the “page”. I think I started too small. When I added the stitch count numbers, I needed size 4 font to fit inside the rings. Too small…..

So, in consolation, here’s my Day 9 of Jane’s TIAS:
TIAS 2012 Day 9
I recognized him immediately. He's the thief of my ball of thread that dissappeared the other day! And I was blaming my kitties!! I caught him in the act of snooping in my cabinet this morning. He was looking for more I think! Now to pen him in and figure out his name....I KNOW it's a HE!

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