Sunday, February 12, 2012

Liebert bookmark or a difference in picots

I am drawn consistently to older things with the idea to use them in new ways. I improvise at the organ keyboard, but only enjoy it when I’m using an ancient idea like a chant line. I shop at resale stores, but usually only buy things that are terribly practical that I reuse in ways the marketing folks weren’t thinking of when the product or clothing was new. So it goes in my tatting life.

Tatting is made one DS (double stitch) at a time. Not a lot of room for innovation and creativity; or so some think. There haven’t been a lot of patterns published over the years; more was published for crochet and knitting techniques. Taking what has survived and figuring out how to make it anew is intriguing to me.

Georgia Seitz has led us in such an activity with a book she found recently: Emmy Liebert project  . She has been focusing on translating from Fraktur into English using modern tatting techniques and terms. She asked for and received help from many experienced tatters. Recently, we looked at a specific pattern for an edging with points (see Nov. 21 class). I am always on the lookout for bookmark patterns, so I was definitely interested. Especially after seeing Dagmar’s example.

 After completing a few UF’s (unfinished projects), I began on this one. Well, I needed some refining of my technique to make this one work!

Here’s a picture of my first sample:
Emmy Leibert bookmark sample

After making careful notes on the pattern including rewriting it all twice, I came up with this bookmark.

Emmy Leibert bookmark in Vineyard Harvest
I rather like it better. I don’t think it will be going to my friend who works as a hospital chaplain quite yet. I’d like to use it as an example of why being careful of picot sizes can be important.

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