Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Happy June!

Well, May has come and gone. June is here. Happy June!

Thank you for coming along with me on the adventures I’ve talked about here. I like talking. I like listening more. Thank you to those who have commented. You know who you are.

I've learned a lot about myself writing for this blog. I've learned that while I enjoy working with thread; "hear" the patterns in music; and know that I have a good idea combining the two means of expression; I'm not a visual person per se. I express myself with sounds much better. Words come more difficulty for me. Pictures take even more of an effort. That doesn't mean I'm giving up on this whole Picotsnkeys venture. But realizing that has helped me fine-tune my efforts and redirect my energies.

So, what have I been doing the last few weeks?

Packing and unpacking
Saying goodbye
Saying hello

Fine tuning the angel pattern (sorry, no new scan)

I still need to purchase an organ to teach/play. I still need to finish unpacking. I still need to finish the angel pattern write up. I still need to do lots and lots of important tasks. Including writing down more of what is important.
Now, where is that to-do list.......

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