Friday, June 5, 2015

White deer visit

I seem to be discovering something in nature just about every day at the new house. One day, it was that 8 of the huge pots in the garden have a variety of orchid planted in them. They are severely crowded and need some love. I’m hesitant to touch them; I tend to kill plants I try to love.

from the garden
Yesterday I was taking a break from trying to figure out how to notate the pattern for the skirt of the angel. Right there, in the middle of the street, stood a white deer! I know that not all animals with white coats are true albinos. I had never seen a white deer. Just read about King Arthur chasing the white stag; the Kings and Queens chasing a white stag and ending up in a wardrobe; the Ghost Stag of some fairytale my son was reading; you get the picture. But, there…..just feet from my yard.

A white doe.
Neighbors I occasionally walk with confirmed I wasn’t imagining it. Seems it was born 3 seasons ago. It warmed my heart to think that it has thrived here in a rather urban setting. If you search the local tv station archive, you’ll find a couple of stories with good pictures. I have to wonder, as a mom, if she has raised any fauns and what color their coat is.
Ok. Enough distraction. I must finish this pattern. There are other tatters waiting to tat these angels for shawls. I also need to get started on Christmas presents

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