Thursday, June 25, 2015

Just another day in ......

The morning started out wonderful.

The sunrise was spectacular. The hills across the bay were tinged with red, the water looked glassy, and the sky through the pine boughs was getting lighter by the minute. I love sunrise. My little point and click cameras, nor my cell phone, do not do justice to the scene. I won’t make you grimace by trying to capture it that way. You’ll just have to find a place to enjoy a real sunrise! There out there. You’ll just have to look for them.

I’ve also made good progress in the project of installing the organ. I know what I need to do to prep the room. I’m finding people to help and advise me. Today I need to figure out the schedule for it all. I think I’ll leave the figure out the budget until after the trip to the hardware store. That may mean a loan. I hope not. That would make keeping the focus of my energies more difficult.
I’m still revising the written part of the angel pattern. I’ve tatted the “sketch” of the snowman pattern. I hope to finish both today. 

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