Thursday, June 11, 2015

it did rain....really!

A smidge more than a trace. That brings our season total here to just under 15". "Normal" total is more like 21" if there could be a normal total. So, the drought continues.

I’ve had a request for a pair of “snowman earrings” for a hard working volunteer. I agreed. I mean, how hard could it be? 

Well, I’ve been enjoying my bead cap earrings for several years now. One thing I’ve learned is that the tatting must be very secure. It also helps to keep things looking nice if the tatting has multiple joins to distribute the stress of handling while putting the earrings in ears and taking them out again. 

A quick browse of the books I have, the online tatting class, the antique pattern library, and several other favorite designer blogs/website gave me only 2 patterns to try. So, here’s the body and head of pattern number 1:

head of snowman

body of snowman
The pattern has the pieces tatted separately and then mounted on felt. That could work well, but the tatting just didn’t look enough like snow for my eye. So, on to pattern number 2.

Oh and that storm that blew in? Oh and that storm that blew in? It did bring enough wind to blow things around and enough moisture to wet things down. The walking group I’ve joined walks through a couple of parks each morning. One has a small campground for hiker/biker guests. Several parties looked a bit chilled and damp that morning. Oh, and no fires permitted since we are in such a bad fire danger season. Fortunately, it just a short walk to civilization and a hot cuppa or meal.

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