Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Maybe that's why I like tatting....

The neighborhood we moved into has some truly historic homes. Well, as far as the West is concerned, they’re old. Anything over 50 years can be considered for informal or even formal historic status. Now, before the comment section lights up with arguments, I know there are some who view asking for a Historic designation for your house like asking for a hole in the head. Personally, I love history. I love old. Maybe that’s why I tat. Ya thingkkkkk

Anyway, the houses are mostly older. “Nob and tube” wiring, chimneys that no longer vent fireplaces, single pane windows that maybe seal, lots of nooks and crannies for “extra” residents, layers and layers and layers of paint, and so on. Getting to know your neighbors here means trading stories of figuring out when and how the house was remodeled, trying to “modernize” the house without ruining the character, and furry creatures that don’t purr or bark. It seems the bigger the house, the bigger the spiders too. All that said, the adventure has been fun so far. I enjoy rolling up my sleeves, putting on the gloves to keep the hands cleaner, and finding what there is under all that….whatever. At the end of the remodel work sessions, it feels good to sit in the window bench with my shuttles. Mid-century Modern has nothin’ on this!

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