Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I bought the.....organ!

So, June was a crossroads? Yes.

July was to be painting time? Yes.

After last weekend, I get to add a very big project to that list: Moving my organ into the house. 

The studio will be the central room in the house. Right now, it still looks like a converted courtyard. So, we’ll add flooring to the July task list.

Oh, and I discovered a huge pattern oops in the angel. You know how you pick up and set things down a certain way until you are forced to do things differently? Well, I watched a friend pick up the angel and hold it. The way she was holding it turned a light bulb on in my mind. I’m sure she would have been surprised to see my face at that point. I’m sure I looked rather silly. I’m sure the pattern will be a better pattern now; so, back to part of the drawing board on that pattern.

Right now, I’m off to research what flooring will work best for the organ.....

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