Thursday, April 9, 2015

Process and plans

The process of relocating is gathering steam. We’re signing lots of paperwork, writing a few checks, and making tons of phone calls and writing tons of emails. It’s a good thing there’s 2 of us working on this with 2 agents. I can’t imagine trying to do all this alone! I’ve been shopping for an organ, a different computer set up, clothes for cooler weather, furnishings for the older, bigger house, and lots more.
I’ve also finished a few tatted gifts and another angel, this time in size 80. It looks much more elegant in the smaller thread. And at just 7 cm tall (about 3 inches) it will fit nicely on the shawls. Now to figure out how long it will take me to tat one without writing down the pattern as I go. Should be much, much faster (snigger, snort, chortle) and without any cutting out mistakes, the next one should look much neater. I may even use a different color thread on the skirt edge. We’ll see.

I will be posting the pattern eventually. I just don’t have the computer power to make up a good diagram or the mental energy to write the pattern out into a word document. But, this is one to share and spread the healing and celebration! So, stay tuned.

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