Thursday, September 7, 2017

Progress with crotat Carmel doily

Here’s my progress on figuring out this doily:

I’ve noticed some fundamental design differences between the two doilies I’ve attempted using Cro-tatting techniques:

The doily in pastels fills every chain with some crochet edging stitches. The doily in white/cream leaves the chains bare. I may have also misinterpreted the cream section. It’s just too difficult to tell. The tatter in me thinks this section may just be picots between every stitch then crochet into the picots to create the chain effect. 

Mmmmmmm must experiment some more. 

Anyone else game? A normal crochet hook can work, but the tool I'm using has a smaller hook section. Tatting thread is easier to draw through the stitches to close rings than crochet cotton. It’s a pleasant puzzle to work.


  1. The tatter in you is right :-)
    The vintage is definitely picots (after every ds of tatted chain between the clovers) which are crocheted into with a chain in next round, followed by another crochet chain all around. This last chain, though, is joined only intermittently to previous chain.
    Very interesting !
    This one can easily be confused for all-tatting.
    The pastel one, though clearly shows mixed media. I like that effect, too.

    1. Agree. I was going to comment and I read this. Probably the doilies were made by many people, some doing the tatted part, others joining all together.

    2. I hadn't thought through the collaborative idea. Nor the tatting done in sections and then joined together. You just may have unlocked and solved the puzzle! More experiments to try! Thank you both!!

  2. Love the pastel colors!!! :) They both have unique effects!! :)