Tuesday, September 26, 2017

What a weekend....

I’ve been having fun with organs in this area. So much, I’ve not picked up shuttles much. A friend of mine traveled down from San Jose to play a concert on the Dobson organ at St. Dunstan’s. It was so much fun! Those who missed it will have another chance. She definitely wants to play here again.

Then on Sunday, a local organist played a bang up concert on a new Allen in town. I neglected to snap a good picture of the organ. I did take one, but I didn’t catch that it was very out of focus. How does that happen using my phone? I mean, it’s so easy to get good pictures on the phone until you really want them to turn out! Anyway, the concert was fun. He invited good friends who sing in a barbershop quartet to sing. Not your average church concert!

I’ll miss posting the rest of this week. I’ll be preparing to visit an organ museum. I promise to check my phone to make sure I have at least one good picture to share. I hope to finish 2 tatting projects while traveling. One is up to that fiddly finishing stage of the last few elements and hiding ends. The other should only take 3-4 hours to tat….once the shuttles are free.

In the meantime, those here in Monterey can enjoy “locals weather” and the less crowded streets. The sunrise was spectacular this morning!

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