Tuesday, November 1, 2016


We have had rain. Not a huge amount by some standards, but welcome. The plants look much healthier now. Of course, the oxalis is taking off big time. I know I should be attacking it while the ground is moist, but there is so much else to do!

Like tat and play new organs!
First, the newest square study, then on Thursday, the newest organ.
Workbasket pattern in pastel and white
I wanted to play with variegated thread in hopes that it would make the solid thread areas pop. I don’t think it worked for this pattern. I do like how the faux center turned out where the corners meet. I would like to stick with variegated as there are so many music compositions that use theme and variation structure. If I can learn what works best for tatting design structure to vary a basic motif, perhaps that will be a good method to represent music compositions that take a simple melody and expand it with variations. Just a thought.


  1. I love that square!!! :) The colors are awesome!! :)

    1. The thread is an older Omega ball. I haven't seen it again, but I'm taking my wish list to Barb's workshop Saturday!

  2. Nice square and lovely colours !!!! Even a black instead of white would look good.
    Love the pattern.

    1. I seldom think of using black in the thread. I've become accustomed to using black material to mount the tatting on. It's also quite difficult for me to see the knots in dark thread where I typically tat. Now that you mention it.....