Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I had a great time!

We hosted a wonderful organist last weekend. Angela Kraft Cross was in town to play a concert at St. Dunstan’s. The series is wrapping up. There will be more next year. I can’t wait. I enjoyed the concert so much. Lots of ideas for the future are running around in my head now; both tatting and organ ideas. It’ll take quite a while to “get them sorted” as a friend says.
There’s another concert Friday. This one is at San CarlosCathedral. It’s a fundraiser for monies to refurbish their organ. Since the organ is a bit under the weather, we’ll be listening to choral music more than organ music. They’ll be honoring St. Cecilia singing as they pray for peace.

I wonder how the Schoenstein organ is settling in. They had their annual choir concert Sunday also. I must go by and take a look and maybe listen. Tomorrow. Today, I want to finish the square study in purple.

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