Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Advent decorations

They’re up. No pictures as they only look nice in the dark and, well, my photography skills fail there also. But, they’re up. That gives me time to get on to the Christmas list.

First up: 
Tree by Monica Hahn

This is a pattern by Monica Hahn. There’s a typo in the book. Not the error you see of the bottom right chain, but of the final chain. I corrected the one, but didn’t see the other. 

My idea:

Tat in para-cord with beads.

That means I need to find my stash of pony beads. I had really stashed this lot. After the GS troop finished with them, I tidied up. I didn’t find them until unpacking after the move…..almost 10 years later. Oops. I’ve been trying to find someone to use them. Guess I’ll use a few for this door decoration! More later….and pictures. I promise. 

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