Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Creative Balance

Tatting time lately has taken a back seat to my organ time. 
No surprise there. December is always crunch time for those in Sacred Music. I’ve learned that I need to start planning for Christmas Day in July. If I plan hand-made gifts, those need to get done by November. If we host, the house tasks need to be planned by September. If we travel, the house chores need to be planned by October. That’s just so that I don’t get overwhelmed and fragmented with the practice and performance schedule. I know so many colleagues who do so much harm to themselves trying to have a life and work. I’ve come very close myself. Too close. So, what has been the organ time lately? Taking on a couple of small assisting gigs to allow 2 of those colleagues to pull off the impossible: work life balance as a musician. I’ll be playing a couple of wonderful instruments, sharing some 18th century French music, and celebrating with family and friends.

So, what about tatting?

The tree is almost done. I was able to work on it for 3 hours while the Superior Court of Monterey County decided that they didn’t need me to serve as a juror. I’m not pleased with the last few elements, so I’ll be redoing them. I hope to have it up so I can share pictures with Thursday’s post. Check back then! In the meantime, I encourage us all to create a little each day.

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