Thursday, December 15, 2016

Inspiration rolled in

I took a walk the other day on the beach. Rather than struggle learning a new scanner program, correcting mistakes in a new pattern, or playing with swollen sore hands, I found these beauties:

sea glass and piece of shell
Just like the waves rolling in, ideas started crowding in. No, I didn’t turn my back on the ocean! Especially in winter that’s a really dangerous idea! And before I allowed myself to become really absorbed, I strolled up past high tide mark. I wanted to keep my leather shoes nicer. ;)

wings from Mark Myers angel pattern
Back home, I’m having more success with the scanner. Lots to learn though!


  1. Inspiration can come in little wavelets or just sweep over :-) Have fun !
    Waiting to see the angel take shape

  2. The sleeves are done and the skirt started. But, Oh Snap....I need to buy the beads for the and body!