Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A feel good story

More distractions from tatting with good organ stuff. The December American Organist arrived. Usually, the cover story is about some new organ. Lately, some of the cover organs have not only been spectacular to look at, but also have a sweet story to share. I have a bucket list of organs to listen to. It keeps getting longer and longer with each magazine edition! Anyway, this is a gem that was literally rescued. If you follow links on the website, you should be able to read the story until the January cover story replaces it.

I’m still working of Mark’s angel for our tree top. I've added a bit more, but to pictures as I'm not to the assembly part. I’m still working on a stripe of the flag. I am gathering supplies for the TIAS next month. And, of course, I’m still dreaming up new pieces based on pieces.

Right now, I’m off to practice for next weekend. More later…..

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