Thursday, December 8, 2016

Purple square study finished

I finally finished it! 

This pattern is really cool to do. Workbasket is a great source for fun patterns. The techniques I used were a little more advanced, but I think the result warrants the effort.
Workbasket scarf square
Adding the beads was unnecessary to the design, but I think really set things off. I kept thinking about the pansy I made several years ago with Marilee’s excellent help. That got me thinking about making some snowman earrings for myself. I’d like something whimsical to wear this time of year.

I’ll get to it right after I finish practicing, preparing for the renter, and decorating for Christmas.


  1. So very pretty !!! Your study has certainly paid off:-)

  2. Thank you all! I will continue this study of designs in the square. Several longer term projects will need to be wrapped up first. I will return to this previously schedule learning experience in January.