Tuesday, November 22, 2016

It has been busy!

Nothing much to see here. You’d have to be tagging along on all the shopping trips. I’m learning much more about styles of architecture, styles of decorating, and choosing paints. We’re taking on a tenant at the end of the year. So, those rooms that we’ve ignored and just stored stuff in? They need to be emptied, repainted, and generally prepared. I won’t be doing it alone, so I’ll still have tatting time and organ time. I’m hoping to finish the purple square study on Thanksgiving. We’ll see. I’m not hosting, but I will be visiting for part of the day and there be lots of people to catch up with.

Oh! Before I forget, San Carlos Cathedral is working towards fixing up their organ. It’s a gem! The first pipe Wurlitzer I’ve heard in a church. The sound was a bit anemic as the leather needs replacing, but it filled the church nicely. True Classic American. Please keep the Parish in your thoughts and prayers.

For those celebrating Thanksgiving, please enjoy the Holiday!

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