Friday, March 9, 2012

of weeds and the garden

I may have the teaching bug….but I DO NOT have the garden bug. Don’t get me wrong, I love plants and flowers and gardens. I just don’t get much satisfaction out of gardening.

Perhaps it’s because out current garden has areas that get overrun with weeds. Since it rarely gets cold enough to stop plants from growing, something is blooming constantly in our yard…..even the dandelions. I don’t shovel snow, but I dig in the dirt year round….to pull up weeds. And before you ask, Roundup doesn’t take care of the mustard plant the kids call sour grass. They’re pretty, they’re native, and they’re invasive.


I have about 20 more man hours to go before I can even start thinking of planting vegetables or flowers. I’ve missed pea planting time for yet another year. Ah well. It won’t get done sitting here…..

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