Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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Well, the pollen count is up….and it’s grey but not rainy. Sniff, snuffle, ahhhchoooo.

And I’m not that much affected by what’s in the air….

The good news about the time change has been I’m awake more often before sunrise again. There have been some spectacular ones with the cloud cover lately. That always starts my day out better.

I’ve been honing my skill at Inkscape and graphic diagrams of tatting patterns the last couple of days. I need a lot more practice….a lot more! I wanted to work up a bookmark design for the class that had rings, chains, maybe beads (but not necessary) and tat samples for the Open House wall in summer colors. So, here’s what I have:
I'm calling this Chicks with Beads

the thread is called Carribean. Very summery!

We’ll see what is chosen and what folks sign up for.

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