Thursday, July 11, 2013

Saint Saens motifs

What you have all been waiting for:

Pics of the final version of Symphony in C by C. Saint Saens interpretation in tatting:

Center and round 1
Here’s the Central Ring and First Round.

If you have never heard this work, please search out a performance. If you are lucky enough to find a live performance, please support your local artists. Chances are, even if you attend concerts regularly, this will be one of the few times you will hear the organ with orchestra. If you cannot find a live performance, I encourage you to look around for a recording. There are several available on Youtube and even more in your local library or available for purchase in new and used recording retailers. However you listen, please do.

The inspiration for the central ring is the Introduction. The final section of the Symphony begins with a chord on the organ answered by a phrase from the orchestra. Then, the lovely melody highjacked by the folks who gave us the movie Babe. Finally, Saint Saens gave us a fine example of the quintessential compositional form for organ, the fugue.

More on the next few sections of the movement over the next few days.

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