Saturday, July 13, 2013


Today, I explain the chains in the First Round. (See picture below for Thursday)

Camille Saint-Saens, being an organist, was well acquainted with the fugue form. For this composition, he chose a simple subject. I chose to focus on how the subject has groups of three notes similar to a turn ornament. That back and forth arrangement of notes suggested a trio of decorative picots and because the strings state the fugue so well, I added a pink bead to the center picot of each group. Simple, but effective and a nice finish to the center motif.

Since this piece is in white thread, I'm only working on it when it's cool and there's little chance of my hands hands sweating. To fill the rest of the time while my foot heals, I've been doing the rehab exercises (30 minutes 3 times a day) and working on a bookmark in Rootbeer thread and the chair canvas. If I can get the camera to behave, I'll share a pic of the canvas soon.

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