Tuesday, July 9, 2013

back to it

I realize I've not posted in awhile. Things have been...well....not pleasant. I am better now, but to catch you up, I'll just post what I wrote the last few weeks. Check back each day for the next part of the saga:

And just in case I forgot, with crutches (and scooter) I will…..


I’ve started the final tat of the Saint Saens. That should keep me busy! It’s in white thread, so I’ll be keeping my hands off my face and hair, washing them often, and tatting when it’s not really hot.

My second xray has revealed that the bone is not knitting together as well as my shawl. It’s a setback, but not insurmountable. My foot and ankle are really immobile now. Tape, more tape, Ace bandage, a second Ace bandage, and a big honkin’ Air cast. It’s not moving for man nor beast. All this bulk makes it harder to use my knee scooter I’m borrowing. Still preferable to crutches; I have my priorities: I can carry a half full cup of tea across the room with the scooter! Of course, the cats would probably prefer that I move a bit slower. I haven’t run them over…..yet.

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