Wednesday, July 10, 2013

200 posts and counting

I can’t believe I’ve had this much to say! Wow! I know I’m probably not as prolific as others, but I had not imagined I would still be writing this blog!

Perhaps a clue is in a blog I read frequently. Jane E posed the question in a recent post: “why can’t I regulate myself? Why do I start a thing and HAVE to finish it?”

I like her answer: “because I’m bonkers!”

Well, I can’t claim to be bonkers in the same way, as I certainly have my share of unfinished projects, but I do feel like I don’t “regulate” myself well. I’ve taken to keeping track of how much time I spend doing what. It helps me to make a better to-do list. I’m more reasonable in how much I can accomplish and better at seeing what is most important. If that’s bonkers, I’ll gladly wear that label.

I’m hoping it will all help me recover from the broken foot. Now off to finish that next part of the pattern.

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