Saturday, April 21, 2012

signed, sealed, and delivered

 It’s off!! I’ve mailed my exchange piece for the InTatters Spring Exchange. I hope she likes it. I had great fun picking out the colors and such; Great fun in coming up with a design to tat; Great fun in packaging it. And the gentlemen at the Post Office had great fun helping me get it off. I’m very fortunate in that there’s a post office about a mile or two from my house. It’s tucked away in a light industrial area and lots of small business people who work out of their home use it. So, there’s usually a friendly atmosphere with chatter going on and people greeting each other. Since the package is going overseas, I took everything there and simply asked, “How should this get to her?” Well, 30 minutes later, the package was on the way, I was out of business cards, and several people are signing up for classes at the store. There was even one gentleman who kept saying I should teach through the Parks and Rec department. When I admitted I hadn’t gotten very far in that inquiry, he called and told his contact there I would be in next week to talk to them. Yikes!

I’m off now to teach at the store. Then I’ll be polishing up my notes for Monday’s class. Then it time for chores. It’s hard not to post pictures of what I mailed, but I would like it to be a surprise.

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