Tuesday, April 24, 2012

of discipline and dreaming

I’m doing my monthly exercise this week. It involves writing down what I do on a calendar as I go about my day. I find the only way I can keep on task with what is really important is to gather and analyze the data every once in a while. I tend to ignore working towards the bigger goals. I finish the tasks that have to be done each day, then I while away the time doing other things; but not always what I should do. Because I’m responsible for setting up money making opportunities for my business, I have to keep focused on those bigger goals. So, once a month, or so, I keep track of where I spend my time on what. Along with that, I have to make sure I set up a work schedule for myself that includes task lists. Now by nature, I’m not really inclined to keeping statistics. I’d rather just create. By nature, I’m not really inclined to weed out my belongings. I’d rather repurpose something. By nature, I’m not really inclined to finish a project with filing away my notes. I’d rather leave them out to stimulate other ideas. So, this exercise is important. Sigh. Really.

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