Monday, April 23, 2012

bookmark in progress and Maria's finished

Today is my second session on the squares bookmark.The pattern is now listed on the patterns page (see tab at top of blog).  The name of squares bookmark seems to be sticking with this one. Here's Maria's version of Monica Hahn's Bible Bookmark from Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns and the variation I came up with:
Thank you for sharing with us, Maria!!!!!

And now here's a photo to help illustrated the path I use to work the inside rings with chains:
squares bookmark in progress to illustrate the path
If you're looking at the PDF posted on Georgia's class site: the end of the yellow chain next to the all-blue cloverleaf is the start point (the yellow dot in the diagram on page 1). I have stopped work after completing the first large ring in the 4th square. I'll work several more sides of the square, finish off a square to turn around and then work back up the side to end next to the first cloverleaf (the green dot in the diagram on page 3). Then it'll be time for the edging.

If you have any questions, please email me! Thank you for visiting.

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