Tuesday, April 3, 2012

in anticipation

It’s fast approaching one of the most intense days in the Choir Loft. The Vigil. Easter is good. Easter is a lot of really big music. Easter is family home and feasts. But, the Vigil… It’s history, it’s ancient, it’s modern, it’s darkness, it’s light, it’s quiet, it’s noise, it’s when the light bulb goes on and you see the “I get it now” looks. There’s a chant we do at St. A’s at the beginning of the service. One of our female clergy who’s pleasant to listen to usually chants it without amplification. Haunting! Musical! Vibrant! Repeated over and over are the words “This is the night….” Every time I think of it, rings and chains dance in my head. Maybe this year they will begin to come together. It’s one of the times that I hear the answer: “This is what I gave you these gifts for! Now do something with them!” Now the ball is in my court. I hope the shuttle hits a home run.

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