Friday, April 27, 2012

of ideas and weather

I went shopping recently and picked up some earrings that look suspiciously like a set of findings I saw at the bead store. Yep, I was correct. So, now I have a large version, a small version and about a half dozen design ideas for a necklace/earring set. So, there may not be that many posts what with the ideas to try out and the wonderful weather this weekend. I tried to scan the metal, but it was too sunny, and my photography skills (or lack thereof) are not up to the task. That will just have to wait until it's all finished.

Oh, and I’m demonstrating again this Saturday; which means I must discipline myself to prep my supplies and samples. I like to set out small motifs in different sizes and colors for people to pick up and handle. They do get soiled and rumpled, so I need to sort through, clean up, re-block, and generally get ready.

Ooooo, just got another idea for the center of………. <grin>

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