Tuesday, October 22, 2019

My stitching adventure continues

I’ve gathered the supplies, I’ve read the instructions….several times. 
I’ve asked questions of experienced stitchers I know. 
Getting started involves tedious preparations of the canvas and threads. I hope to finish that by next week. But…..

There are gifts to plan for (including budget)
Gifts to make
Music to pick
Music to learn
And I’m still catching up from a crazy-busy summer!

Maybe tatting for a few hours will help calm my swirling thoughts……


  1. What type of embroidery/stitching are you preparing for? Some of the threads look daunting, but nice colour palette.

    1. It's classified as Needlepoint. The threads do look daunting to me. And with the opportunity (!) to have the finished canvas evaluated, I'm trying to learn a lot!!