Thursday, October 31, 2019

Chicks from Hen and Chicks with beads

As part of the OnLine Tatting class, we’ve been discussing Vintage patterns as rewritten using modern tatting techniques and notation. As a musician, this seems such a natural process. Baroque music was frequently written with just a bass line and numbers that we call Figured Bass. Guitar players use Tablature rather than Grand Staff. But, I digress…..

Chicks with Beads
Hen and Chicks is a beloved pattern many, many tatters have used to create yards and yards of lace. Many years ago, I create a bookmark pattern using beads based on this simple Vintage pattern. I have found teaching it to be quite rewarding. Now, it’s a very simple pattern. As tatting patterns go, there’s not a lot to distinguish it. But, it seems to fit the bill for requests of a pattern to tat from knitters and crochet fans.

All this is to say that I’ve gone back and dusted off the file and added a picture. I just may propose this as a class for my next adventure at a tatting conference. Mmmm….when is the deadline????


  1. Beads on bare thread is a practical and fun way to measure and add colour 'n' texture. What's not to like 😃😄

  2. You can even create a "picture" or "design" with beads. Or use all one color beads and variegated thread!

  3. I enjoyed your digression. Makes sense that music notation has to be updated, but I’ve never considered that before. I think simple is often good, especially for teaching and there’s plenty of scope here.

    1. Thank you for reminding me that teaching is about passing on skills to make new ideas possible. Perhaps this digression could be the new purpose. If it's simple enough!